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REACH® Circular Stapler

REACH ® Circular Stapler

REACH® Circular Stapler features:

1. Low Profile Tiltable Anvil. Provides easy removal & minimizes the stress on anastomosis;
2. Clear Cutting Indicator. Cutting indicator with firing sound and sudden disappearance of resistance;
3. Suture Hole for gastric catheter. Minimizes the damage on anastomosis;
4. Safety Cap of the Auxiliary Trocar. Reduces the risk of unexpected tissue damage when pull out;
5. Purstring Notch and Grasping Notch on the Anvil. Ensures safer and more reliable operation;
6. More Staples per Firing. Secure the staple line of anastomosis;
7. Air-tight Design. Applicable to both open and endoscopic surgery;
8. Safety Release. Automatically repositions after firing;
9. Prolong Anti-slip handle. Ergonomics design, easy firing;
10. Green Indicator in the Approximation Window. Indicates the safe firing range.

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Product Description:

Product Code Product Description Outer Diameter Color Cod Packaging
RCS25C RCS25D REACH® RCS Circular Stapler 25 mm 25mm White 3 pcs/case
RCS28C RCS28D REACH® RCS Circular Stapler 28 mm 28mm Blue 3 pcs/case
RCS31C RCS31D REACH® RCS Circular Stapler 31 mm 31mm Green 3 pcs/case
RCS34C RCS34D REACH® RCS Circular Stapler 34 mm 34mm Yellow 3 pcs/case


REACH® Circular Stapler

REACH® Circular Stapler iREACH® Surgical launched the second generation stapler product with international “DualCore Technology” Download videos for viewing Download Video

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