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REACH® Linear Stapler

REACH ® Linear Stapler

REACH® Linear Stapler features:

1. Pre-stressed titanium staples, and unique pocket for better staple forming;
2. Strong Anvil. Reduces the risk of deflection of anvil and SULU;
3. Two-step Closure Function. Provides opportunity to reposition tissue before closure;
4. Cutting-Guide. Facilitates the safe and precise transection;
5. Fired Position-Trigger. Lock Easy to identify if the stapler has been fired;
6.Longer and slimmer shaft. Better access and visibility, facilitating TME and LAR surgeries with the reduction of cost;
7. One-Handed Operation. Ergonomic design for ease of use.

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Product Description:

Product Code Description Length of Staple Line Packaging
RLS3035S REACH® RLS Linear Stapler 30-3.5 SULU 30mm 3 pcs/case
RLS3048S REACH® RLS Linear Stapler 30-4.8 SULU 30mm 3 pcs/case
RLS4535S REACH® RLS Linear Stapler 45-3.5 SULU 45mm 3 pcs/case
RLS4548S REACH® RLS Linear Stapler 45-4.8 SULU 45mm 3 pcs/case
RLS6035S REACH® RLS Linear Stapler 60-3.5 SULU 60mm 3 pcs/case
RLS6048S REACH® RLS Linear Stapler 60-4.8 SULU 60mm 3 pcs/case
RLS3035L REACH® RLS Linear Stapler30-3.5 SULU 30mm 6 pcs/case
RLS3048L REACH® RLS Linear Stapler30-4.8 SULU 30mm 6 pcs/case
RLS4535L REACH® RLS Linear Stapler45-3.5 SULU 45mm 6 pcs/case
RLS4548L REACH® RLS Linear Stapler45-4.8 SULU 45mm 6 pcs/case
RLS6035L REACH® RLS Linear Stapler60-3.5 SULU 60mm 6 pcs/case
RLS6048L REACH® RLS Linear Stapler60-4.8 SULU 60mm 6 pcs/case


REACH® Linear Stapler

REACH@  Linear Stapler iREACH® Surgical launched the second generation stapler product with international “DualCore Technology” Download videos for viewing Download Video

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