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Live Features:

1. Smart and Instant Response technology for consistent cutting action in various tissue types
Intelligent diagnostic and fault indication system to ensure safe operation
Better safety for patients as no electric current through the body
2. Big OLED screen,convenient for observing
3. Supersized wheels for stability and easy maneuvering in operating room
4. Cart with mass storage space
5. Faster cutting and shorter operating time
Ergonomic design, more comfortable handle
6. Effective and safe coagulation to ensure safe dissection of various tissues and small vessels
Detachable transducer and cable, reducing maintenance cost
Scalpel assembling more easily and conveniently
7. Effective and safe coagulation
8. Minimized lateral thermal damage 360°rotation of the scalpel, convenient for operation with one hand
9. Ergonomic handle design, more confortable
10. Scalpel
5 mm Laparoscopic Curved Shear
5 mm Open Curved Shear
Compatible with both CSUS 5000 and Harmonic Scalpel
Easy assembling and better safety

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Product Description:

Product Code Product Description Packaging
CSUS 6000 Generator 1 pcs/case
CS3605H 5mm Laparoscopic Curved Shear,pistol,36cm 3 pcs/case
CS2305H 5mm Laparoscopic Curved Shear,pistol,23cm 3 pcs/case
CS1405H 5mm Open Curved Shear,pistol,14cm 3 pcs/case
TRA 5 Transducer 1 pcs/case
X01171 Transducer Cable 1 pcs/case
CART 5000 Generator Cart 1 pcs/case
FSW 2 Foot Switch with Cable 1 pcs/case




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